Benefits to Realtors that choose to use Genisys Mortgage Professionals

Realtors are always looking for better Service. It is our mission to communicate some of the benefits of choosing Genisys.

Here is the Genisys Realtor "Benefits Package"!

B Best return time on calls! Our guarantee is 15 minutes during business hours.

E Extra attention to detail, to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

N Never misleading customers or Realtors! Genisys prides itself on our business ethics, honesty and integrity, which ensures the longevity of our relationship.

E Excellent Service! We understand that Real Estate Agents depend on fast, honest service.

F Fundamentals! Genisys Mortgage has weekly and monthly meetings on all industry updates and changes. We understand the fundamentals of the mortgage business.

I Innovative! We are always on the cutting edge of new loan products and programs. We understand the importance of having every possible advantage for your customers.

T Technology! Genisys Mortgage has invested the time and resources to ensure the best 'behind the scenes' technology to ensure fast, efficient transactions.

S Showtime! Now, it's time for us to deliver the best B.E.N.E.F.I.T.S. to YOU!

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